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Practice the frameworks and tools
of Decoupling by attending a full or half-day workshop.

Purpose of the workshop

The purpose of the half-day workshop is to understand how digital disruption, in general, and decoupling, in particular work. By the end you will have been shown how to develop disruptive business models that have a higher likelihood of success.
The purpose of the full day workshop is, in addition to understanding digital disruption and decoupling, to determine the best response strategy for responding to decoupling as an industry incumbent. By the end, you will have analyzed the options and have a clear sense of how to respond to decoupling in your industry or market.

Tools you will learn to master

Understanding Decoupling
Recipe for disruption
The customer value chain
Measuring leakage of value

Structure of the workshop

Leaders of different companies are brought together to debate the options confronted by executives of other companies facing similar situation. This is done via the famous Harvard case study method. Following each case discussion, the lessons are distilled in presentations. Lastly, participants work in small groups to apply the lessons of how to disrupt and to respond to disruption - two sides of the same coin - in their own businesses.
Intended Results
Participants will take away (1) a framework for thinking about digital disruption, (2) tools to disrupt and to defend from disruption, (3) a set of actions to take in order to prepare the business for digital transformation, and (4) an organizational gameplay or playbook for responding to digital disruption.
This workshop is designed for senior executives (C-suite) of medium and large established businesses who are involved in the digital transformation of their businesses. They are either disrupting their own businesses or need to respond to disruption by startups and tech companies. Past senior company executives include Nike, BMW, Chanel, Microsoft, BNP Paribas, Renault, Hermès, Deutsche Bank, Kraft Heinz, Unilever, Wimbledon, Avon, Pearson.
The full workshop will require one full day (eight hours) of your time and your undivided attention throughout the day. You will be immersed in hours of deep-thinking activities including Harvard case discussions, presentations and hands-on activities. The half day workshop requires four hours.

Past workshop locations

Multiple organizations
Jaeger-LeCoultre / Richemont, TSB Bank, Avon, and others
Deutsche Bank, Injex Pharma, Munich Re, and others
Chanel, Renault, Hermes, and others
Globo, Technos
Sao Paulo
Grupo Pao de Acucar
San Diego
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What past attendees say…

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“Excellent! Loved the content … useful and actionable.”
“Very simple, relevant, memorable theory with practical applications.”
“I found it very thought provoking. Will take some of the learnings back to my job.”
“I was extremely impressed by the professor's humor and intellect which helped me both understand and embrace his findings. I felt like I learned something very useful in a short period of time and that made me feel supremely satisfied with the experience.”
“ Congratulations for the excellent workshop that you gave our senior executive group. It was a great privilege … their feedback was beyond my expectations.”
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